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Stock assessments reports are typically lengthy documents containing a great deal of information. This repo contains time series data for all Federally assessed stocks in the United States. The following time series are available:

  • Catch - By weight or by number of individuals (species specific)
  • Abundance - By weight or by number of individuals (species specific)
  • Index - An index of abundance (shrimp only)
  • Recruitment - By weight or by number of individuals (species specific)
  • Fishing mortality

Summary statistics for these assessments are also available (FMSY, BMSY, Ftarget etc) in addition to metadata (Stock Name, Stock Area, Jurisdiction, Point of contact, Year of assessment etc)

The data are extracted and processed from NOAA’s Stock SMART web based data portal (

Any data issues found in this package should first be checked with the web based data portal. If this data package reflects the data found in the web portal please send emails to Otherwise please create an issue

Date of most recent data pull: 2023-12-06 17:39:17

Note: Data is retrieved and processed every Wednesday at 1200 EST. Any changes to the Stock SMART website will be reflected in this data package at that time. The history of changes can be found in the changelog

Feature requests/Data Issues/Bugs

If you find any issue with the data, bugs in any of the code, or want to request new features please let us know






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